Julia de Funès

Finding success in the business world can mean different paths for different people. However, there can be times when our approach to business must realign to meet its goals.

It’s easy to get up with trends and a plethora of information that makes little sense, but this doesn’t always mean that change is good.

Similarly, there are those who recognize their losing traction, but not willing to admit it’s due to outdated ideas and procedures.

There’s no magic wand that can be waved when it comes to success but knowing how to navigate the business world and come up with unique and original ideas that make an impact in the future.

Changing our way of thinking isn’t always a comfortable option, and there can be some that struggle with the concept.

Some may just be looking to see how other people see the world and inspire to follow a similar path.

Introducing Julia de Funès

Julia de Funès is the daughter of famed French actor and comedian Louis de Funès, but this isn’t why she a recognized figure around the world.

Julia took a much different path to that of her father and has embraced the world of philosophy as well as the world of business.

Despite not following in her father’s footsteps, Julia was still able to see the comedic value of the business world, albeit dark humor.

Originally a headhunter, it was Julia’s role to find the best talent for roles, but she soon found that were a series of drawbacks in doing this.

Julia found that was she was not able to assess the abilities of the individual, which was often attributed to a limited way of thinking.

Upon entering the world of philosophy, Julia was able to garner a new take of the world of business, and offer thinking that leads to the fact, as opposed to procedures that could essentially be prejudice in some circumstances.

Why Philosophy Is Important in the Business World by Julia de Funès

There’s no denying that no two businesses are the same, and each will have their own culture and working environment.

Evidently, some will offer a better working environment than others, but it’s the longevity of the company that may focus on.

As a business owner, we want to ensure that there is enough turnover to expand the business.

Similarly, those invested in their role will be keen to see the business thrive so promotional opportunities become available.

If a business is confirmed to a set way of thinking, then it could be missing out on valuable talent, simply because it’s focused on what’s wrong as opposed to what’s right.

The same can be said for budding professional. It’s easy to become dissuaded if conventional avenues dry up when it comes to opportunities, examining the world of philosophy allows us to adopt a new way of working that may not have been considered before.

Julia de Funès has become a recognized figure in the business world and has even written books that promote the journey of freedom as opposed to happiness.

Happiness itself can be subjective, and Julia has stated that efforts need to be made towards freedom.

In some instance, embracing freedom can mean being daring, which can take us out of the happy place at times.

Julia states that you will find that there are a lot of books that relate to self-development and improvement, but few that teach us to achieve the freedom we’re looking for.

Although no one should be taking risks that risk everything, there will need to be some form of risk for people and businesses to prosper moving forward.

Everyone has their own journey to make when it comes to finding freedom. Some may be running the business they want, whereas others may want to land a dream role.

In either instance, guidance is always a business, and who better to offer it than someone who has not only been at the top end of the business world but it also able to offer a way of thinking that could awaken inspiration and open a door of new opportunities.

As well as writing books on the benefits of philosophy in business, Julia De Funes is also a keynote speaker.

Books of Julia de Funès

Comedy (In) Human was released in 2018 and focuses on the business arena and how it has become a sector of no meaning, meetings and seminars.

This isn’t to say that these elements of the business world are eliminated, but there must be context to the role being carried out.

For example, those who operate as a manager may assume that ruling with an iron fist is the way to go when looking for increased productivity, but Comedy (In)Human teaches is there could be a different way.

The book was written in partnership with Nicolas Bouzou, a French liberal essayist.

As well as being a popular keynote speaker as an author, Julia de Funès has also been part of several podcasts which again reinforce her unique take on the world of business.

If you’re looking to inspire your workforce or look for brand new ways of developing in the business world, then why not take advantage of the speeches Julia De Funes is able to offer, regardless of the demographic.

Julia de Funès

Philosophe, Auteur, Conférencier, coach, Julia est diplômée d’un Doctorat en philosophie, ainsi que d’un DESS RH, suite à quoi elle a travaillé en entreprise avant de créer sa propre structure conseils.

Julia intervient auprès d’entreprises telles que : HSBC, Thales, Edf, Adidas, Intercontinental, Canal +, Valrhona, Deloitte, Axa, Accenture, Accor, Chaumet, Afnor, Novartis, L’Occitane etc.
En 2010, elle publie : « Coup de philo sur les idées reçues », aux éditions Laffont.

En 2012 sur France 5, elle créé et présente un programme quotidien « Le bonheur selon Julia », 40 épisodes diffusé.
Elle a également animé une chronique philo sur BFM business durant 2 années dans le cadre de l’émission Club Media RH.
Auteur de plusieurs livres à succès le dernier en date étant : La Comédie (in) Humaine, livre paru le 5 septembre 2018, co-écrit avec Nicolas Bouzou : la comédie (in)humaine, éditions de l’observatoire.

About Julia de Funes

Petite fille de Louis De funes, après avoir été chasseuse de têtes et s’être confrontée au non-sens absolu, Julia de Funès a animé Le Bonheur selon Julia sur France 5, ainsi qu’une chronique philo sur BFM Business. Et depuis 2012, à la demande des grandes entreprises, elle introduit la philosophie dans le monde des affaires.
Structurée, intelligente, joyeuse, Julia a le sens de l’exigence et de l’humilité. Travailler sérieusement sans se prendre au sérieux.
Ses qualités sont le sens de l’observation et de la dérision, il ne s’agit, pas de critiquer cyniquement l’entreprise mais de l’observer et de tourner en dérision ce qu’elle peut avoir d’absurde parfois. Travail, humilité, distance, et rire sont les quatre valeurs essentielles qui constitue cette très belle personne
Julia démocratise, simplifie la philosophie dans l’entreprise, sans la rendre simpliste pour autant ses prises de paroles apportent : culture, réflexion, et esprit critique, du recul et de la distance sur une réalité que les salariés n’ont pas nécessairement le temps de questionner. (Comme le pouvoir, la puissance, l’argent, la reconnaissance, etc.)